Concrete Additives

Westroc has information on two popular concrete additives: hydro and fibermesh.  Find out more about these additives and how they can be included in your next project. 

Hydro is a combination of organic and inorganic chemicals which react with Portland cement to produce more dense, hard and impermeable concrete. 
Find out more now about Hydro...

Fibermesh is a one-step fiber reinforcement system for concrete.  Fibermesh provides a complete top-to-bottom, side-to-side, uniform micro reinforcement, as a cost-effective and superior alternate system to wire mesh.  Find out more now about Fibermesh...

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Westroc also offers a complete line of products and services including:

    • Hot water
    • Calcium chloride
    • Non chloride accelerator
    • Polypropylene Fibers
    • Steel Fibers
    • Low range water reducer
    • Mid range water reducer
    • High range water reducer
    • Hydro admixture
    • Set retarding admixture
    • Silica Fume admixture
    • Dry batching for extended hauls
    • Super Flow admixture for Engineered Control Density Flowable Fill Mixes
    • High performance mixes
    • Full bag mixes
    • Engineered mixes
    • Lightweight mixes
    • Colored concrete pigments, dyes, stains
    • Color stamp release agents
    • Precast concrete blocks
    • High-early strength admixture
    • Damproofing admixture
    • Waterproofing admixture
    • Low shrink admixture
    • Corrosion inhibiting admixture
    • XYPEX Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

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