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Figuring Concrete Quantity

One of the biggest problems prior to placing concrete is determining the correct amount of concrete for the job. To make this task a little easier we have created a useful Concrete Calculator. Simply plug in the correct length, width and depth of your project and click on the "Calculate Now!" button. We will provide you with an approximation of the total amount of concrete you will need for your project.

You will also want to add 5% more concrete to your "Total Yardage Needed" in order to allow for spillage, waste, overexcavation, and other causes. We have taken this into account also in our Concrete Calculator, providing you with the "Total Concrete Yardage Plus 5% Extra".

Simply provide your results to the concrete dispatcher and we can conveniently arrange to have the necessary concrete delivered to your location.

Concrete Calculator
Please Input Measurements Below
Total Length (in feet): Total Width (in feet): Total Depth (in inches):

Calculation Results
Total Concrete Yardage Needed: Total Concrete Yardage Plus 5% Extra:

You can also figure the amount of concrete you will need manually by using the following formula:

((Length x Width x Depth)/27 cubic feet) x 1.05 = Total Concrete Needed Plus 5% Extra


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